What Is The Best Age To Start Sending Your Child To School

Deciding the right age for your kid to start school might be confusing for a first time parent. Everyone seems to be thinking of sending their children to school by the time they are two or three, so you might be thinking that your child will be disadvantaged if she started school at five. However, this is not the case. There are no studies to suggest that there is a perfect age for children to start school.

Preschools do take in children that are 2½ years of age, but this does not necessarily mean children are ready to start schooling at this age. However, these schools provide a safe and nurturing environment for toddlers, so they are a great relief to parents who need to get back to work.


A child is only ready to go to school when he or she has matured enough. Every child matures at their own speed and it cannot be accelerated. All that can be done is to observe the child. To attend school children need to master certain skills such as learning to wash your hands alone and being able to eat alone. Some Dubai nurseries require the children to be potty trained. The child should also be able to stay away from his parents and be able to take instructions from the teachers.

Teach them at home

The only time a child will be free of rigid schedules is the first few years of his life. Once he begins schooling he will have to wake up early every morning for the rest of his life and go to school and later to work. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad be assured that you can provide your child with the same education provided in the best nursery schools. In the first three of four years of their lives a child only needs to acquire the basic skills we need to survive. This education can be provided by any parent without the rigid schedules.

The parents can read to their kids and provide then with educational toys. Even the basic writing skills can be taught by a parent. Spending time with them and playing will improve your relationship with the child as well.

Social skills

It is also important that the child has suitable companion to play with. Raising a child in isolation is a bad idea. They must have either siblings or friends to play with. If your child has problems getting along with other kids then letting them attend a preschool would give them an opportunity to develop social skills.

Until the child has reached the age defined by law, by which he or she must begin a formal education a child does not need to attend school. However, attending preschool for a year just before attending school might be good idea, so that both the parents and the child will be ready when the child begins a formal education. It is wise to talk to your pediatrician or an expert in this field before you make a final decision.