3 Ways An Orthodontist Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who can help you with misaligned teeth and wrongly positioned jaws. If you experience any problems in the form of unsightly crooked teeth, difficulty biting and overcrowding of teeth in your mouth, then an orthodontist can definitely be of assistance to you. Read on to find out how one can help you achieve better oral health;

1. By Examining Your Current Condition

Once you have made an appointment with the orthodontist of your choice, he or she will carry out a thorough inspection of your mouth, specifically your teeth and gums. During this examination, the orthodontist will note the spacing between your teeth to check if the gaps are too large or if spaces are created due to missing teeth. He or she will also make note of any crowding in your mouth which is caused because of too many teeth – that is more teeth present in the mouth than the normal count which can give rise to overlapping and crookedness. The orthodontist may also perform a series of tests to determine whether there are any abnormalities with your ability to bite, which may be the result of the abnormal position of your upper and lower jaws.

2. By Recommending Possible Treatment Options

Once the orthodontist has made a proper examination of your teeth and gums, he or she will recommend what type of treatment you need and help you choose the best option. Depending on the result of the evaluation, he or she might recommend that you get dental braces, space maintainers, retainers, etc. that can correct the alignment of your teeth. He or she will also come up with a treatment and recovery plan for you. Depending on whether or not treatment is urgent, you can ask the treatment to be scheduled over a period of time or even to be performed the same day.

The follow-up plan, any necessary medical prescriptions and instructions for care at home will also be provided by your orthodontist. If there are any other treatments that you may need such as oral surgery, root canal treatment or best dental implants in Dubai, your orthodontist will refer you to specialists in those fields.

3. By Performing Any Necessary Procedures

Once the need for any preventive measures or progressive treatment is identified, the present condition has been evaluated, the available options have been presented and you agree on what procedure you are most contented with, your orthodontist will proceed with making the necessary arrangements to plan out your treatment and perform the procedures needed. Depending on the nature and intensity of your oral problems, your doctor may recommend when you should get started and how often you might have to come in. He may also provide you with a payment plan so that you can work out the payments.