The Importance Of Sailing

For years people used ships and boats as one of their primary modes of travel. People would use ships to travel between countries separated by water and sometimes when the quicker route was sea and not land, people would go by boat to another city. However now, going by boat is considered to be something rare.

People only go on them if they wish to have a vacation to brag about or they wish to go on a fishing trip. However boats should not be used so sparsely. I will tell you why.

They are not as polluting to the environment

Boats even if you take the diesel powered ones into account do not cause much less pollution, only the motor requires diesel to run however the rest of the boat does not require diesel to run. If you have a luxury yacht in Dubai, the carbon foot print would be a bit bigger but if you have a mid class yacht, the pollution would be far less. Furthermore if you take the boats that need to be rowed into account, the carbon foot print is relatively non-existent. However a car that runs on petrol or diesel would have a much bigger carbon foot print due to the engines requiring much more oil to run all its crucial parts.

They allow families to spend time together

When you go out sailing with your family out in the ocean, families end up becoming close. The reason is simple. There is no Wifi connectivity over a sea therefore siblings and parents will have no other option but to spend time with one another. They can talk with each other, learn about their interests, and share their worries. Simply put, they will become much closer. At present families are disintegrating. It is like strangers living under one roof. Everyone is in their own world. The mother is watching television, the son is playing video games, the daughter is watching YouTube on her laptop and the father is on the phone. Even during lunch, no one interacts. They just sit, eat then get up and leave to go back to whatever they were doing.

This is just sad.

It should not be this way. Siblings are supposed to be playing with one another, parents are supposed to spend time together with each other and their children but this is not how families are today. However put all of them on a boat and they will interact with one another. They could have a fishing trip in Dubai, play games or just talk with one another.

Therefore sailing is important. It does not harm the environment and it helps to bring back families together.