Ways To Keep Your Pool Warm Without Spending Unnecessarily On It?

As everyone who owns a pool is well aware the cost of maintaining a pool is very high. It has monthly or weekly maintenance needs that will determine its efficiency. If you neglect it them you will eventually have to spend more money on repairing and replacing machinery than your initial cost of installing a pool in your back yard.

One of the problems a pool owner faces is the heating of the pool and its cost. There are different pool heater Dubai types that can be chosen from easily according to the functions and capacity you desire. If you browse through the net there are a lot of varieties of pumps you can buy online depending on your need.

But still with all the careful calculations and decision making the cost can be high. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you are doing some cost-cutting when it comes to maintenance and efficiency.

One of the things you can do is using solar energy to heat your pool. This can be a very effective budget friendly way since solar energy is basically free. But there are downsides to this because its functionality may depend on the time of day and the weather. If it is a cloudy day then it will take a longer time to heat the pool. This problem can be eliminated if you can buy a heat pump pool radiator back up to store the heat. But as all good things come with a price tag this can be something you have to spend a reasonable amount of money on. But it can be worth it.

If you own a heat pump pool radiator system then you should be mindful to make sure that you run the heater on a time of day that the air carries high level of heat.

Another method you can use to have a cost effective heating system is to make sure you lower the evaporation rate through which the pool will lose at least three quarters of its heat that is generated by the pumps. To avoid such heat losses people mainly use a solid pool blanket to cover it. There are various types of such pool blankets. One is an automatic blanket which covers the surface of the pool and moves on a track using a motor. This I slightly expensive. Another type is liquid blankets which is simply a chemical released to retain the heat generated by the pumps. A floating blanket can also do the trick which is slightly less expensive compared to the automatic blanket type. The choice is up to you to employ the best possible way to reduce the evaporation rate.

Yet another way to make sure that there isn’t a huge temperature or heat loss from the swimming pool heat pumps is to make sure that the pool environment isn’t exposed to high levels of wind often.

So as I said earlier having a pool at your place is no easy feat. Once you get past the initial cost phase there is a lot you should do to maintain it and keep it going.