Working For A Luxury Brand: Characteristics Of A Designer

It goes without saying that unless you genuinely have a talent and a love for the brand or type of luxury item you help create you will never get far in the field. In addition, most people who are lucky enough to work with and for famous luxury brands have specific characteristics that set them apart from others in similar fields.
A Gift for Precision
The whole point of luxury brands is that they are a cut above the rest, meaning that they are of higher-quality, are exclusive and are usually trendsetters in their respective fields. This means that everyone who works for the brand need to be extremely precise about their ideas, their application and their production. For instance, jewellery companies require designers whose work is precise, and then artistes who can recreate those designs in precious metal and stone with the same precision. Without that precision, work becomes sloppy and commonplace and it loses the speciality that makes luxury brands luxurious.
Working on Time
Working in a luxury brand is working on time. Customers who spend thousands of dollars on products expect their merchandise to be ready on time. Even as far back as the planning stage, a small holdup can cause huge derailments in the schedules of production teams. Luxury watches for instance take months to design and put together because of the precision with which it needs to be assembled and then tested. Each watch is usually handmade, which earns it its label as a ‘luxury’ item. If the designer delays for some reason, or is consistently late for work and therefore takes longer to finish a design, that delay pushes over into production, assemblage and testing, costing the company precious money and time.
The Creative Urge
No matter which section you work in, creativity is paramount if you are part of a luxury label. This is especially true if you are a designer. It is important to come up with new designs every season; however they also have to be in keeping with the overall look and feel of the brand as each brand has a unique aesthetic that sets it apart. Everyone has a dry spell now and then when the creative urge subsides but the important thing is to work when you can. Marketing campaigns, design layouts, production layouts etc. all require creativity as it has to be fresh enough to attract the eye of a customer.
Working under Pressure
Sometimes, deadlines can be brought forward. An unforeseen series of events can delay production and bring you right up onto a deadline. In moments like that, you must have the ability to work under pressure and still produce high-quality work. This comes with time and practice so experience working under another label is invaluable in the business.