The Best Foods For Healthy Hair

We use so many products to keep our locks healthy and shiny. This has given rise to so many brands of shampoo, conditioner, hair oils and a multitude of hair care products to flood the market. They claim to treat a variety of hair problems such as dandruff, breaking, frizz, thinning etc. You have to be very careful in choosing a product because some ingredients can be harmful to your body. But the first step to keeping your hair healthy is to keep your body healthy. This means eating healthy and natural food that has lots of nutrients to help nourish your hair. We will be looking at a few choice foods that will keep your hair lovely and strong in the most natural way possible.
Eating fish
Omega-3 fatty acids can keep your hair shiny and full. They are found in fish like sardines, salmon, mackerel etc. You could fry it, grill it or if you’re going for a healthier option, bake or steam it. You can make delicious simple meals with fish helped by small additions like a lime sauce, potato wedges, mashed potatoes, a small side of salad etc. You can obtain protein from meat as well. Try for lean meat such as turkey or chicken rather than pork and beef that have a greater amount of saturated fat.
Leafy greens
Green leaves especially spinach contains so many nutrients that help your hair grow strong and shiny. They’re packed with vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C, iron and folate. They help moisturize your hair so that it will not break. Not only is it good for hair, it’s good for skin too. You can forego cosmetic surgery in Dubai and improve your natural looks just by maintaining a healthy diet and good habits.
Guava fruit
Just like so many fruits, guava is a good source of vitamin C. There’s 377mg of vitamin C in just one cup of guava. And this exceeds the minimum daily requirement. Vitamin can also help boost the immune system and maintain elasticity of the skin.
Greek yoghurt
Greek yoghurt has a lot of protein and it will help with growing hair. It also has vitamin B that allows more blood to flow to your scalp. This is also great at preventing hair loss or thinning of hair. Another benefit of yoghurt is that it keeps your bowels healthy. For further information on how to keep hair, nails and skin healthy, you can visit this site
Grains and cereal
Soybeans, lentils, cereal and grains contain iron. You can also find it in meat like liver, leafy greens and shellfish. Iron is essential for good hair growth. It can also prevent anaemia and keep you from getting tired too easily.